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You are not alone

You are not alone


10:30 AM


Due to the current pandemic many of us either voluntarily or forcefully have been a part of this loneliness.  This unpleasant feeling can be intimidating to one’s emotional state of mind, particularly when we can't physically see our families or friends. With the increasing use of social media, we create a fantasy world of everything as seen with #happyfamily or #besttimewithbesties etc. These expectations  make us more emotionally upset than add joy to our lives.


Learning to take pleasure in the little things without attaching too much weight to things you can’t control or that don’t have that much to do with helps in being grounded in the present moment. While it may not completely erase feelings of loneliness, taking special care of yourself can help you to feel better and enjoy your solitude more.


Bandhu, a SWC initiative is organizing a workshop on 22nd Jan 2022 by Mr Nelson Moses – Mental Health Advocate and Suicide Prevention Expert to understand how we can be mindful of our emotions and have a look at  practical activities that can help heal through the difficult times.


Please join the session on Zoom,

Zoom Link : Click here

Meeting ID: 849 5707 3350

Passcode: 769426