Urgent Support

We all grow up accepting the need for medical help for our physical ailments but when it comes to emotional health for example when we are heartbroken, stressed or grieving we hide behind closed doors and somehow convince ourselves that we have to handle it alone – without professional assistance or support from friends.

Consider Tuhin, a third year student, who has been struggling academically and is in immense mental stress. During the first year the sheer newness of being on one’s own, and the thrill of being in IITB was enough to make him lose concentration. Now, Tuhin wants to get back on track, get over his anxiety, feel better like before but shies away to seek help from friends, mentors, faculty and/or parents. There is at least one Tuhin in every hostel who has made a different choice, with varying consequences.

Bandhu is for all the Tuhin’s who might give in to the stigma and choose not to seek help. A self help website is here to improve the emotional well being of the students’, finely designed with experts speaking on positive mental health, curated reads, motivational alumni journeys and fun lessons. Bandhu is an initiative by the alumni to remind you that IITB experience is about the wingies, the department and a community where we all are there to support each other and give a helping hand to those who need it. Bandhu will help you make positive choices such that you can strengthen your resolve to get back in the game and fulfill your potential.

Where it all began?

When our batch, Class of 1992 met for our silver jubilee reunion in 2017, we made a commitment to give back to our alma mater from where we have all gained so much. The batch was keen to focus on initiatives which would enhance the lives of students and help them to achieve their dreams.

As we spoke to students, professors and counsellors we realized that the life on campus had become far more complex and competitive than what we could recount from our time at IIT. Students experience various ups and downs which range across a variety of issues from adjusting to hostel life to stress of placements, relationships and many others.

Through Bandhu, a self help website, we hope to support and inspire students to deal with their challenges positively. Bandhu will help enhance awareness of many issues as well as provide tips and tools to deal with certain challenges. Many issues when tackled effectively at the initial stages will help students overcome challenges in a timely manner before a domino effect starts coming into play. Moreover, it will also point out when it could be time to seek help from the support structure available at IIT Bombay.

Our experiences at IIT Bombay have been invaluable and it is now time for us to pay it forward. Our endeavour is to help each student to discover themselves and grow to become the best version of themselves.

Bandhu is our contribution towards this goal. Hope you enjoy browsing!

- Rekha Koita, Vivek Mohile

IIT Bombay, Class of 1992