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Thanks for getting in touch. We are committed to make Bandhu, the website, a robust and strong support system for the IIT Bombay students. Please get in touch if:

  • You have feedback about the website and wish to provide a detailed response then please fill out the Feedback Form

    Share your perspective and we will definitely try our best to incorporate it in the website.

  • We are constantly looking for stories from registered IITB students and alumni. If you would like to share your story with the IITB student community then please reach out for some guidance. We can help to tease out the important points from your story such that it is meaningful and inspiring for the students. For a story to have an impact it should be based on your student experience here at IITB and how you managed to overcome the problems and convert them into learning opportunities. We are looking for shares on topics like productivity tips, stress management, relationship issues, placement stress etc.

For more details about feedback and sharing your story you can email us on bandhu@iitb.ac.in