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Branch Change

"Branch Change-ing' potentially gives you the opportunity of re-defining your stay at IIT-B and, in some cases, your entire life." - Insight

A number of students are enthused to explore the idea of branch change. There are several aspects involved while making this decision, which tend to impact one's academic, social and career journey. Here are some common questions that pop up on googling the same, which sheds light on the hype around a branch change:

It does seem enticing to take the leap to a “better” branch, however there are several complexities involved while doing the same. Students invest a lot of energy to do well so as to avail this opportunity, and sometimes they do it just because it is perceived to be a “superior” branch by the general populace according to the JEE counselling. However, there are several other factors to be taken into consideration, like peer pressure, social settings, academic stress etc. Taking this decision in the first year itself does contribute to considerable anxiety.

Here are some videos of students talking about their experiences with branch changes, the issues they faced, and how they went about addressing them.

When many people around you are engaging in the same activity, it is natural to feel the pressure to just ‘go along with it’. All of us have a natural desire to fit in. Especially in the beginning of college-life, when you’re trying to build new bonds, it can be more difficult to resist this pressure because saying no can leave one feeling left out.

The increasing academic stress is inherently stressful. Other than the expectation to be able to recall a vast amount of information, there are factors such as the intense competition on campus, the pressure of expectations from family and friends and the immense importance placed on grades, all of which add to the stress.

Many connections evolve after one semester or even a year or two after being on campus. Some students seek new friends after a branch or hostel change or simply because they want to expand their immediate circle. But, for many of us, making friends isn’t as easy. It is natural to feel awkward, shy, unsure about how to initiate conversations, feeling scared and apprehensive.