Urgent Support

Questioning your substance use?

Amit got introduced to drinking and smoking in his first semester. It had started off as something he would do at parties, as it helped him feel part of the group. But over the years, the amount he drank and smoked had increased quite a bit. Nowadays, he would find it difficult to start his day or fall asleep at night without taking a drag. It increased further during exams or when he was stressed. Amit was sure that if he really wanted to stop, he would be able to. But as his third year came to an end, he became more and more worried about how much he was using by then, and if it would ever be possible for him to cut down.

If you’re also feeling conflicted or confused about using like Amit, here are some areas you can reflect upon to gain more clarity about where you stand.

Think about the different areas of your life that your substance use has had an impact on (personal, academic, professional) and fill this table:

Pros of using

e.g. I feel socially more confident

Cons of using

e.g. Once the 'high' goes down, I feel terrible.

Pros of reducing/stopping

e.g. I am able to attend classes and maintain my routine

Cons of reducing/stopping

e.g. It will take effort to find new friends who are not into substances.

You probably have a sharper idea now as to where you stand with respect to your substance use.

Does this make you wonder if your use of substances (drinking/smoking/drugs) is becoming a problem for you? Look for the signs below:

Craving the substance
Have tried to quit multiple times before but found it difficult
Need a lot more quantity of the same substance now to get the same ‘high’ feeling compared to before
Usage has been affecting your relationships, academics, and other areas
Spending a lot of time on getting and consuming substances

Do you think you need help in cutting back / quitting?

  • Please remember that seeking support for substance use is nothing to be ashamed of. It can feel overwhelming or scary, but with the right kind of tools, you can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.
  • The Student Wellness Centre is a safe, non-judgmental space. You can contact the SWC and talk to a counsellor about any concerns or questions you may have (even if you simply want more information!). Also, for any physical discomfort, do not hesitate to visit the IIT Hospital.