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Self Love and Good Habits

Self Love and Good Habits


5:00 pm


Today’s society is shaped in such a that we are sort of bound to constantly compete against each other, or even ourselves.  We cannot always expect to rely only on external sources for love, compassion and that is where the concept of self-love comes in.

Self-Love is the umbrella concept which includes self - care, caring for others, and receiving care from others. And this Valentine’s Week, try to choose yourself, prioritise yourself, and love yourself.

Join us on 14th Feb 5 PM for a session on self -love and good habits by Ms Nivedita Pawar, consultant counsellor, SWC.

This session will talk about  the nuances of self-love,  approaches to embrace the concept, and eventually yourself.

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The first 100 respondents will be emailed the live zoom link , where you can interact directly with the host and participate in the polls. 

The event will also be live streamed on IITB - BANDHU - A friend in need, YouTube Channel.

Please write to bandhu@iitb.ac.in for any queries.