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6 Keys to Positive Communication

6 Keys to Positive Communication


5 PM


Human beings usually find it difficult to connect with others due to multiple barriers such as difficulty in English language, complexity in understanding what people say and inability to express oneself etc.

The work of communication often starts with greeting, which is a simple but significant behavior: the moment when you initiate the process of making contact.

Bandhu, a SWC initiative is organizing a workshop on 6 Keys to Positive Communication by Ms Nivedita Pawar, consultant counsellor, SWC on June 12th, 5 pm .

Learn about the 6 important keys to positive communication in this session.

  1. Greet to create human contact
  2. Ask to discover the unknown
  3. Compliment to affect people’s sense of self
  4. Disclose to deepen relationships
  5. Encourage to give support
  6. Listen to transcend differences

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