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Coping with Failure

Coping with Failure


5:00 pm


We all have seen failure in one way or the other. 

While nobody likes failing, for some people the fear of failing at something can be so overpowering that it keeps them from trying new things.

Those who fear failure tend to equate their ability with their worth as a person. For example, a student might feel that they are worthy only if they possess high intellectual abilities. With such a belief, exams and evaluations of any kind can naturally, then, feel very threatening.

Remember that this fear is not permanent and can change. 

Bandhu, a SWC initiative is organizing a workshop on Coping with failure by Ms Nivedita Pawar, consultant counsellor, SWC. 

This session will talk about coping mechanisms and techniques to get you started.

The one hour workshop will be conducted on 6th March at 5 pm.
To register for the same, please fill out this short form: Click here and confirm your seat.

The final link to join the workshop will be shared to the registered email IDs only.

Please write to bandhu@iitb.ac.in for any queries.