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Speed Reading and Super Memory

Speed Reading and Super Memory


5 PM


Speed Reading:
Do you know the average attention span of a student is only 8 seconds! Stop re-reading the same page again & develop a laser-sharp concentration with scientifically proven tools that improve your attention span & overcome distractions (like your mobile phone).

Super Memory:
Even though the brain can store information of 2.5 petabytes (10 lac GB), it definitely doesn't feel that way the night before the exam, when you feel overloaded with information to memorize? Learn powerful techniques to optimise your memory and use this super machine between your ears to easily learn more and boost your CGPA!

Bringing to you a combined session of  speed reading and super memory by Mr. Saurabh Bothra, IIT BHU Alumni. 

The workshop will be conducted on 15th May at 5 pm. 

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