Urgent Support

A forum for current students to share their challenges, the impact of those challenges and reflect the self-growth those challenges brought in them. These could be written or recorded as audio / video and shared with us at incharge.swc@iitb.ac.in

The story could be with the name of the student / dept / batch or anonymous.

The stories shared by students would be featured under the Your Stories coloumn.

Here are some guidelines you might want to consider while sharing your story:

  • The story can be shared in any language namely (English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi) but preferably in English
  • Word Limit to share your story - 300 to 800 words
  • Video Limit for share your story - 5 or 7 minutes
  • You can cover the following in your story:
    • Challenge area - What was the problem/challenge you were facing?
    • Impact of the Challenge - How was the challenge impacting your life specifically in IIT?
    • Internal Personal Resources used - perseverance, dedication, inventiveness, learning something new, etc.
    • Support Network Used - Parents, Family, Friends, Faculty, Hall Manager, Mentor, SWC etc
    • Self Growth and Resolution