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_______ refers to the process of balancing conflicting needs, or needs challenged by obstacles in the environment.


Effective communication is an important tool to adjust to the environment. Which of the following is NOT a type of communication style –


Ram finds it very difficult to express his feelings. Whenever someone asks him to do something, Ram will agree – even if it is not possible for him. He cannot say ‘no’ to anyone and over uses the word ‘sorry’ Ram’s style of communication is –


Rita is too outspoken. She often uses very loud tone of voice and is rude to people while she speaks. She feels her work should be done first and her needs come above anyone else’s. Her style of communication is –


Amit is appropriately honest, speaks directly and pays attention to the emotions of others while speaking, he understands that his needs as well as other people’s needs should be balanced. Amit’s style of communicating is –


People sometimes can be aggressive by screaming and shouting. However, they even make cruel comments which hurt you and when you protest, they may say – ‘I’m just joking’ This type of behavior is called –


Some people have a personality in which they are open to new experiences, place themselves in situations where they are more likely to acquire new knowledge and are receptive to new ideas and experiences. This personality trait is called –


Bharat and Pinky are both walking down the corridor and they see their professor walking towards them. They both wave out, but the professor does not wave back or smile.

Bharat thinks – ‘Sir does not like me, he did not even nod his head’. Bharat is likely to feel –


Pinky on the other hand thinks – “Sir may have not seen us, or he may not be wearing his specs….’ Thus she feels –


Next time both see their Sir, who is more likely to wave out to him or greet him ?


Stress can be caused by negative events – such stress is called Distress. It can also be caused due to positive events – such stress is called Eustress. Examples of eustress are –


The figure has 3 circles. This diagram represents aspects of our personal and professional life.

The innermost circle of Control is what we have direct control over. Examples of this are -


Circle of Influence are the things that concern you that you can do something about.


Circle of Concern are things that have an influence over us, however we cannot directly do anything about them


It is most important to take responsibly for and focus our time and resources on those things that are in the –