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Coping with Failure


The Nova Effect in Psychology is –


Coping techniques can be adaptive, which increase our functioning, or maladaptive, which relieve symptoms temporarily but don't address the root cause of the stress. Maladaptive coping techniques are –


Adaptive coping techniques are –


There are different coping styles to deal with problems or failures:

Task-Oriented Approach is managing or altering the problem causing the distress / failure. Which are examples of the task oriented approach


Emotion-Oriented Approach means dealing with emotional responses to the problem, the examples of this approach are


Avoidance-Oriented Approach is where a person’s behavior, thought, or emotional activity is directed away from a problem / failure. Examples of this are


There are two types of mindsets that depend on how people view their personality. A fixed mindset is when people believe that traits such as ability or talent are fixed, set at birth and not able to be changed. They let failure or success define who they are. Thus, people with fixed mindsets are likely to say –


A growth mindset is about learning how to fail well, and knowing that learning from failure is what leads to eventual success. People with Growth mindsets are likely to say –