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Internet Addiction


_______ refers to a range of repetitive and damaging behaviours, such as excessive video gaming, cybersex, online buying, gambling, streaming, social media use, online searching for health-related info and inability to control the amount of time spent with digital technology.


Shankar liked being online - he just want more time on the computer, it gradually took over everything he did. He even spent lot of time wanting more technology – bigger, better or the latest software, hardware or gadgets. Shankar’s thought process and planning were all focused around – wanting more and more stimulation with internet. This phenomenon is called –


One negative effect of internet addiction is that you may not have any real personal relationships, or the ones you do have may be neglected or suffer arguments over your Internet use.


Which of the following is NOT a symptom of internet addiction –


Internet addicts are often exhausted from staying up too late on the computer and becoming sleep deprived, their grades may also suffer –


Which of the following are NOT physical symptoms of internet addition –


Malti realized that she was becoming addicted to her smart phone. So she tried this mind trick – She put her phone on airplane mode and hid it in her drawer. Thus, she realized that the longer she has to wait for her reward (e.g. checking Instagram likes), the less it was worth to her. This is called –


It is possible that people who are addicted to the internet may be suffering from other mental health issues as well, e.g. depression, anxiety etc.