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Self Awareness


There are certain things we know and certain things that we do not know about ourselves. It is important to know and understand one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. This knowledge is called –


The technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others, it is called -


Which among these feeling, thoughts or habits (personality characteristics), would you put in

The Open Section - things that you are aware of and others know it as well ?


The Blindspot Section – these can be seen by others, but you are not aware about it.


The Hidden Section – these are known to you and you are aware about them but others do not know about this -


The Unknown Section – you are not aware of these and even others are not aware of these. These behaviours show up very rarely.


Self-Awareness can be developed by open communication with others. You can reveal your skills and capabilities to others and ask them for feedback about your own personality.


Harish was driving home and got a flat tyre. Harish decided that he needs to change the car, instead of fixing the tyre. Harish is displaying the following mental trap / error.


Maya did not perform well in the semester exams for her first year , her performance was far below her expectations. Maya starts thinking that her career is over and she will never be able to overcome this bad grade. The mental trap that is making Maya miserable is –


_______ are simple rules of thumb that I may use to make quick decisions. They are quick and efficient, but may not always lead me to the right conclusions. These are called –


You are under lockdown and getting bored sitting at home. Your friends, who live in another city are posting picture’s of themselves in the outdoors…. You feel horrible about your own life. However, what you do NOT see is that most of your friends and colleagues are infact stuck indoors like you….and they are not posting any pictures of themselves. You get the wrong impression about people’s lives because you think of the photos that you recently saw on Facebook, and that makes you feel bad. This heuristic is called –

(The availability heuristic describes our tendency to use information that comes to mind quickly and easily when making decisions about the future.)