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Assertiveness expressing your opinion clearly and be respectful to others. Communicating in a clear language and in an assertive manner that can help you to control anger, and create strong relationships with friends, family and others.

  • Posted on 30-Jan-2023
What contributes to Assertiveness?

What to say?

  • Be specific & clear
  • Own” your message
  • Ask for feedback and listen to their response

How to say?

  • Maintain an Eye Contact
  • Body posture
  • Physical contact and Distance
  • Facial Expressions and gestures
  • Voice
  • Timing
  • Listening

The Benefits of Being Assertive

  • Gain self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Understand and recognize your feelings
  • Earn respect from others
  • Improve communication
  • Create win-win situations
  • Improve your decision-making skills
  • Create honest relationships
  • Gain more job satisfaction
Barriers to Assertiveness
  • No right to be assertive
  • Lack of skills to express
  • Fearful and highly anxious
  • Social and cultural factors
  • Fear of being judged and rejected

Types of Communications

Aggressive Communication

  • Forcingyourneedsonothers
  • Damagesrelationships
  • Damagesself-esteem
  • Mayleadtophysicalaggression

Passive Communication

  • Notspeakingupforyourself
  • Allowingyourselftobebullied
  • Speakingquietly